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Diploma in OT Technician

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Diploma in OT Technician


The Diploma in Operation Theatre Technician course is a concise and focused program, designed to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge for managing operation theatres. Spanning 2 years, the course offers a blend of theoretical education and practical training. Students learn about operation theatre setup, sterilization processes, equipment handling, and the intricacies of patient care before, during, and after surgical procedures. This comprehensive curriculum ensures that graduates are well-prepared to handle the dynamic and demanding environment of operation theatres.

Upon completion, graduates find themselves capable of assisting in surgical procedures, managing sterilization and infection control protocols, and ensuring the smooth operation of the surgical environment. The demand for skilled OT technicians is on the rise within India's healthcare sector, driven by the expansion of hospitals and the increasing complexity of surgical procedures. As such, this diploma opens up numerous career opportunities in hospitals, clinics, and surgical centres, providing a pathway for those interested in making a significant impact in the field of healthcare.

Eligibility Criteria

Intermediate (10+2). Age: 17+on 31st Dec in the year of admission.


2 Years

Career Opportunities
  • Operation Theatre Technician: Assist in surgical procedures, maintaining a sterile environment in hospitals and clinics.
  • Surgical Assistant: Support surgeons with tasks during surgeries, including handling instruments and patient preparation.
  • Hospital Technician: Work in various hospital departments, preparing and maintaining medical equipment.
  • Medical Equipment Sales and Support: Venture into sales or technical support for medical equipment manufacturers.
  • Teaching and Training: Educate future OT technicians at academic institutions or offer specialized equipment training.
  • Administration and Management: Oversee operations, budgeting, and staff in hospital operation theatre departments.
  • Freelance or Consulting OT Technician: Provide part-time or temporary services to hospitals or surgical units in need of additional assistance.
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