Scheme for Scientists

The Institute offers several opportunities for scientists to carry out research in palaeobotany and allied disciplines and training of young persons in palaeobotany. To encourage the research and recognize the achievements in the field of Palaeobotany, the Institute has instituted the following:

Birbal Sahni Professorship

Outstanding scientists with specialization in palaeobotany or allied disciplines have been offered Birbal Sahni Professorship to enable him/her to continue creative work and write monographs or treatises to be published by the Institute.
Prof. T.S. Sadasivan, India and Prof. T.M. Harris, U.K. were bestowed this honor.

Emeritus Scientist Scheme

Senior retired scientists of BSIP and other scientists of repute who are acknowledged leaders/experts in their specialization are invited to continue in their respective fields of research.

Visiting Scientist Scheme

Eminent Scientists from other institutions of higher learning, R & D Laboratories and scientific organizations from India and abroad are invited for a period of three to six months for promoting national/international cooperation in palaeobotany and allied disciplines and for bringing new ideas and techniques at the Institute.

Birbal Sahni Research Scholarship

Bright young persons with good academic record are provided opportunity for research training under experienced researchers / investigators of repute in the field of Palaeobotany/Palynology and such aspects of Botany and Geology which have a direct bearing on palaeobotanical research. The Birbal Sahni Research Fellow is required to register for the Ph.D.

Birbal Sahni Research Associateship Scheme

  • The Birbal Sahni Research Assocateship (BSRA) Scheme has been instituted to provided opportunities to bright young researchers in the field of palaeobotany and allied disciplines such as Pfrecambrian palaeobilogy palaeozoic Palaeobotany\ Palanology, Mesozoic Palaeobotany\Palyonology, Cenozoic Palaeobotany\Palynology, Quaternary Palynology\Palaeoclimate Marine Micropalaeonlogy\ Micropalaeobotany, Coal Petrology\Source Rock Evaluation, Industrial (Hydrocarbon Exploration)and Archaeobotany\Dendrochronology.
  • There will be a maximum of 5 associateship operating at a time under this Scheme.
  • All the associateships will be tenable at the Birbal Sahni Institutions of Palaeobotany.
  • Only Indian citizens normally residents of India are eligible for research associateship.
  • The award of associateship shall be not imply any assurance or guarantee for subsequent employment at the Birbal Sahni Institute of Palaeobotany.