Journal of Palaeosciences

The Journal of Palaeosciences (previously published as The Palaeobotanist) is an International journal that has been disseminating knowledge and has served the palaeobotanists world over for over 60 years with diversified and enhanced quality of contents. It is an in-house journal of Birbal Sahni Institute of Palaeosciences, Lucknow, India and since its inception in the year 1952 many thematic issues, proceeding volumes and important contributions were published. Over the past two decades the advancement on the techniques used in Palaeosciences, proxies, softwares for climate and fossil studies have immensely increased and hence the journal was renamed to Journal of Palaeosciences (2021).
The journal is open to research papers on palaeoenvironmental, palaeoecological, palaeoclimatic and palaeogeographic themes, distributed over each of the entire geological time scales right from the pre-Cambrian to the Quaternary (i.e. recent). The contemporary environmental concerns and issues assea level rise, flooding, extreme weather patterns, heat waves and drought along with changes in biodiversity, ecosystem and ecosystem services fall within the scope of the journal.

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