Birbal Sahni Institute of Palaeosciences (BSIP) has a mandate towards human resource development and capacity building in the country. Towards this goal, BSIP offers Masters Dissertation Programs twice a year to postgraduate students from around the country, typically in their second year/last semester. At present, about one hundred scientists and research scholars are engaged in research activities in the field of plant and earth sciences, both on pure and applied aspects. Research at BSIP involves evolutionary aspects, morphology and taxonomy, high resolution biostratigraphy, palaeobiogeography, palaeoclimate, palaeoecology & palaeoenvironment; polar research; glaciology; industrial micropalaeontology; amber analysis and palaeoentomology; vertebrate & invertebrate palaeontology; archaeobotany and ancient DNA studies; dendrochronology; sedimentology; oceanography; radiocarbon geochronology, TL/OSL dating; elemental, inorganic & stable isotope geochemistry; organic geochemistry & coal petrology and palaeomagnetism to study the evolution of the earth, ocean, and life forms through geological time using interdisciplinary biotic and abiotic approaches.


The Dissertation Program is open to the postgraduate students pursuing M.Sc./M.Tech. in earth or life sciences or in any other related discipline relevant to the research programs of BSIP, preferably from government-supported academic institutions/universities across the country.


Applications will be called twice each year-November (For January-June session) and May (for July - December session). The duration within these sessions ranges from 2-6 months and can be opted as needed. Applications received in regard to this program will be short-listed by a committee designated by the Director. Candidates will be selected upon the recommendations of the committee and approval by the Director. The selected students will be informed by the BSIP about the actual date of commencement of the Dissertation Program and the Mentor to whom the student is assigned. The Mentor will be responsible for providing the required training materials and for guiding the trainee during the period. The Director BSIP has the authority not to select any student or to increase or decrease the number of seats in a year depending on the merit of the application.


The link will be activated every November (For January - June session) and May (for July - December session) with a prescribed deadline and deactivated after the deadline. Interested candidates are required to pay attention to the same in the website and encouraged to apply before the intimated deadline.


A fee of Rs. 2,000/- will be charged for 1-3 months and Rs. 4,000/- for 4-6 months per candidate.


Interns are expected to make their own arrangement for stay and transportation during their training period. Accommodation in the Institute's Guest House, if available, may be provided to interns for a very limited period. Services of the subsidized canteen will be available on payment bases to the candidate during the office hours on working days. Institute has no Medical Insurance Policy for dissertation students. Candidates or their sponsoring institutions are expected to make their own arrangement for medical treatment of the sponsored student during their traning period. BSIP is not responsible for any injury caused or inflicted during the training.


Interns must follow the rules and regulations of the Institute and those prescribed by their mentors. Any indiscipline on part of the intern will be treated sternly and may lead to termination of the internship. Any loss or damage caused to the Institute's property by an Intern will be compensated by him/her.


All candidates must submit a copy of their dissertation report to BSIP. BSIP shall retain the rights for all the materials, analyses and data generated during the training period and no data can be published without prior permission from BSIP. On receipt of the project report, the candidates will be issued a certificate by the Mentor of the candidate, countersigned by the Director. Results obtained during the Internship may be published jointly by the concerned mentor and the candidate.